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The very first thing Amy Rose saw when she and her friends barreled through that door was Sonic the Werehog’s mind snapping like a freshly coiled spring.

“Mist!? S-Sonic!??”

Sonic remained in his feral position as his claws hit the floor repediatly with numerous dull thuds, his shadow growing as he advanced on Mist faster than Mist could even move. Everyone was out of the dorm by now, all being pushed back by Tails, who screamed in terror, “Sonic’s enraged! Nothing can stop him! Everyone, get back now!!”

Everyone scrambled to get back out of the way, and Knuckles had to catch Abby as she almost tumbled forwards in her haste to get away. Upon seeing Sonic in this new and hideous form, poor Silver finally couldn’t take it any more.

Anita quickly grabbed Silver as this time he did pass out, falling limply to his knees with his head lolling forwards. Anita’s gaze snapped upwards as Amy let out a shrill cry of terror.

She had seen Sonic in this form, but never as angry as this.

Before anyone could move, Amy screamed again in fear as Sonic grabbed Mist’s neck in one hand, throwing his body aside as if he were a ragdoll. Sonic quickly grabbed the hedgehog up again, panting heavily with his eyes dulled a blood red as he gritted his teeth, roaring into Mist’s terrified face. Amy screamed, cupping her hands around her jaws, “Sonic! S-Sonic! Put him down!!”

Everyone was stunned when Sonic actually talked, in a voice that was deep and hoarse, “I take orders from no one. He must be punished, and pay my ultimate price. Mist has gone too far this time, and he MUST PAY!!

Suddenly, there was a bright flash of red as Sonic raked his claws against the ground, causing sparks to fly up as he threw Mist to the ground in a heavy attack against his exposed body.

At this point, the fearful onlookers were trying to seek shelter from Sonic’s attacks, which were pulsating through the ground in shockwaves. Tails barely had time to duck down to the ground as Shadow suddenly pushed his body down. Then Tails yelled, “Sonic stop! You don’t know what your doing!!!”

Tails whimpered in fear and held his hands over his head as he only heard Sonic holler, “Mist will suffer! I have had enough of my own suffering! I have suffered now, and turned into this monster from rage once again!!! Everyone pressed their faces close to the ground, Anita holding Silver down, Shadow managing to hold Tails and Anita down at once, Cream huddled with Amy, Abby, and Rainbow, Scythe and Daggeron also being pushed down by Knuckles, as well as Rockfire and Spark.

Everyone found the strength and willpower to look up, trying not to fear the worst for Mist.

Sonic snarled in fury as he pressed Mist’s back hard against the wall, Mist’s entire body shaking with fear. Mist shook his head, closing his eyes as tears started flowing from the corners of his eyelids, “S-Sonic…Please Don-..”

Sonic growled, shaking Mist’s body hard, showing no mercy as he bared his new fangs in the poor hedgehog’s face, Look at what monster I have become! Look at me! Sonic shook Mist again for emphasis on his last words, his last three words turning into a ravaged snarl. Mist continued shaking in fear for his life as Sonic again spoke, his voice deep with anger, “You have made me this way. You have brought such anger into my body, and now…..

Tails wailed, raising his head, “Sonic stop! It’s not Mist’s fault! Your anger, plus Eggman’s amulet, caused you to turn into the Werehog again! It’s not his fault! You have to listen to me Sonic!!! PLEASE!!!!”

Sonic ignored Tails pleading cries as he hoisted Mist up by his neck once more, holding him up as if he weighed nothing. The moonlight danced a dark ballet on Sonic’s face as the monster shook his prey again, snarling with a dark laugh,

Remember this? REMEMBER!?

         You have caused me this pain, and turned me into the monster I am! Now,…..



Sonic turned as a cry met his ears, causing him to grunt with agitation.

Amy suddenly rushed forwards, ignoring the other cries that met her own ears,

“Amy Stop!”
“Get back here!!”
“You know as well as I that Sonic is not in his right mind!”
“He could kill you without a second glance!!!!”

Amy believed that this wasn’t so. She knew that even though Sonic had turned into this monster, he was still the same Sonic she knew inside….or at least she hoped.


“Sonic please! Please listen to me!!”

Sonic grunted again, turning as he continued to hold Mist high above his head. He was prepared to drive Mist’s skull deep into the ground, with as many blows as it took to kill him.

Amy’s voice cracked a bit as tears flowed from her eyes, and she clasped her hands together, “Sonic, don’t hurt him!”

He has every reason to accept what he has done, and you aren’t about to stop me.

Amy closed her eyes, feeling her tears rush down her face as she pulled her head up, the hair between her eyes flashing pink in the moonlight, “It’s not his fault your this way Sonic, remember!? It was Eggman!!!”

Sonic never turned as he continued to hold Mist up. Mist was clawing at Sonic’s massive hands that were tightening on his throat with his increasing anger and frustration. Sonic snarled as he dipped his nose down a bit, causing his voice to deepen even more, “Don’t you realize what I have been through? I know you don’t, and hardly care anymore. Why should I show remorse for the ones who only seek to destroy me?

Amy shook her head, “Sonic, it’s not like that! Y-You have to listen!” Amy gasped hard as she struggled to keep from breaking down right there and then.

Suddenly, Amy jumped as Sonic spun around, roaring as his anger finally boiled and came to a head. She stepped back in fear as Sonic suddenly slung Mist’s form to the ground, causing Mist to hit the ground hard, and fall close to the fearful group. Instantly, Knuckles and Tails rushed forwards to pull him away from Sonic’s wrath as Sonic stretched his arms out in another attempt to grab Mist, who was unconscious now.

Then, Amy jumped in front of Sonic’s grabbing range, causing Sonic to howl in fury and bring his arms back in to his sides. He howled at Amy, who bravely stood her ground with the massive monster roaring in her face, “Out of my way! Do you think that YOU can stop me!? Or will I have to take you down too!??


Amy closed her eyes,…..letting a sudden wave of memories rush over her…………

She heard Sonic’s body hit the ground as Knuckles struck him down….

She heard his fitful cries in the night…..she felt the pain…..

She knew the anger of the mind of the monster she was facing…….she saw Sonic kissing her friend…..

She heard Sonic yelling at her in rage…….she felt herself hit him in her own fury…..

She saw then something she didn’t remember seeing with her own eyes… if something was placing it there…..

She saw Sonic with his head between his knees, sobbing……her note crumpled and covered with the blood from his own mouth……

She heard the conversation of Mist and Sonic……..Mist anger filled voice,

“Sonic, give it up. Give up the act. You care for Amy more than you even know yourself, but you struck out. If I were you Sonic, I would just give it up.”

………Sonic’s transformation replayed over and over again……

Now she knew that Sonic,…he DID give up. He had given up, and now he was prepared to do anything for revenge, vengeance…….


Amy’s gaze was filled with a new light that Sonic hadn’t seen before. She rose her face straight up to him, and stood her ground, throwing her arms out to her sides as she screamed at him, the wind from the open window blowing in her face,

“No! I don’t expect for you to care anymore Sonic! If you think killing Me, or Mist, or anyone else who has cause you any suffering is going to make it better, GO RIGHT AHEAD! I’M NOT GOING ANYWHERE!!!!”

Amy narrowed her gaze in anger as Sonic’s face didn’t change, his long tongue licking over the front of his teeth, “You’re throwing your life into my hands. Doing that before would have been a wise choice….

However, you must not realize that I am NO LONGER what you hoped and loved for. I have been rejected, torn, beat down, turned away, confused, and enraged, because of other people’s mistakes!!!

“That is where you’re wrong!” Amy yelled at Sonic as the wind that blew into the hall intensified, everyone behind Amy shuddering with shock and fear,

“It is only your fault that these things have happened to you! I have rejected you, because I am SICK and TIRED of being rejected from YOU all these years! Don’t you get it by now!?” Amy shook her head, her tears flying, “I may not be able to control what you are, or have become, but please Sonic! PLEASE DON’T DO THIS!”

Sonic the Werehog shook his head, a dark and scary laugh ripping from his throat, one that turned into a howl of partial amusement,

You underestimate the powers of who you now are speaking to. You have underestimated me deeply….Amy.

Sonic is no more. His body is and HAS been taken over with his rage and agony, and I plan to keep it in my grasp. His anger fuels all the prowess of Dark Gia. Now, it is flowing through the veins of the late Sonic the hedgehog, enfueling him with darkness that only I can posess!

Amy stepped back some more as the Werehog stepped forwards, shaking his head as his pupils suddenly dilated, causing the redness in his eyes to really show. Amy shook her head in fear,

It’s too late for dry threats Amy Rose. You have become quite a road block as of late, and I plan to end it. Sonic’s soul of goodness and heart is dead! Darkness is reigning, and a new Era is born!!!! This amulet of my creator…..

Amy suddenly thought rapidly, C-Creator!? Some kind of Gia force constructed by Eggman is taking over Sonic! The Werehog form has gone out of control!!!

Sonic was continuing,…though it is no longer fit to call him Sonic any longer.

The Werehog snarled in an evil laugh, “Hmmhmm…You seem frightened. You wish for your lovable hedgehog to return to you, is that right? I am no longer Sonic. I am the Werehog! Now…

Now Amy Rose, if you seek to replace your life in Mist’s protection, so be it! You will be the one….


Before anyone could stop it, the Werehog’s claws flashed down hard, glinting off of the light of the moon, followed by a hoarse cry in the night, and a flash of crimson staining everyone’s minds forever.



W-…..what has h-h-happened to me? W-hat…..have I done!?

…what acts have I committed,……what strife have I caused…..what evil has befallen my life……..

I………I can feel myself in a state of nothingness,…..nothing but blackness..

My mind has been taken over……..he said…..he said I am dead. I he said so, it must be true. I feel no motion in my limbs…..I fear that my mind will go soon as well…. My body is numb……and I can feel nothing.

No emotions enter my mind….except ones of sadness, rage, and defiance…..

I have failed everyone. My anger has overpowered my will, and set to kill the very ones I hold dear to me……..I never thought I did…..but I do.

I realize now how much I do care…….why I didn’t say before…I can only hope I knew… I feel evilness surrounding me…and Dark Gia’s power empowering me with dark and evil things that the likes of no one has ever seen……

I fear…..I fear that my life on this earth is coming to an end. I have saved countless lives……foiled countless evils……and died a horrible death under the claws of my own evil spirit.

Can I give up when all hope is lost?......there is nothing left else to do……is there…..

I…..I am dead. My spirit of light fades in the darkness, and I reach to grasp it…as it slowly slips through my open fingers…..

Tears glisten in the blackness as I cry for a way out…….a way to end this pain……..pain rips through me……darkness fills me…..

Voices I can no longer recognize ring in my mind……my mind is slowly fading…..I fear…..I…..

I fear….that I am…….A-a…..m…………..



Amy screamed in terror, along with everyone behind her who saw the Werehog’s claws come crashing down. That crimson that stained the night……

Was not of anyone’s blood.

Suddenly, the Werehog recoiled as he wailed with pain, his fist hanging still in the air. A sudden aura of red and blue light swirled around him as he roared in agony.

Sonic’s spirit was attempting to hold the Werehog’s evil back.

A sudden voice came forcefully from the Werehog’s jaws that was not his own…

It was Sonic’s normal voice, Amy…..I have but a short time…….Eggman’s devices are taking me over for the last time,…..and now I must leave you…

Amy cried out, “No! No Sonic!”

Suddenly, the Werehog snarled, “You must die. Sonic the hedgehog is no more!!!!

Then, that blue light bounced off of the Werehog’s body, swirling and turning into some kind of shape to the left of the monster….the light and mist turning and forming……into Sonic’s spirit.

A wavering figure of Sonic’s normal body hung in the air as Amy tried to grasp the hedgehog’s wispy hands, her own fingers only slipping through as she sobbed, “Oh Sonic….”

The form of Sonic shook its head, No Amy.

I can no longer stay here and safely protect you any longer. My presence only has caused pain….

Amy tried to grab the fleeting image of Sonic again, but her arms only passed through it, “No Sonic! Don’t think that! It…I-it’s not like that! We…there…there has to be a way…!”

Sonic again shook his head as he furrowed his eyebrows, balling his fists as the Werehog continued to wail, I can’t hold him back from you any longer. He wants to kill you all…..all because of me. I must…..I must, to destroy a form of my entity, must destroy myself in return.

Tails hollered, “Sonic don’t do this!”

Amy staggered backwards as the Werehog suddenly slashed at her.

Sonic screamed as he began to fade a bit, I have to do it now! I can’t keep him held back any more! This…….This is goodbye to all! To Rainjha….to Amy……to everyone….

Sonic’s fading gaze softened as his green eyes shone in the darkness, his voice rising over the Werehog’s wails, I am so sorry.

For everything. I never had the chance Amy….I had the chance to tell you….and never took it…..

Amy cried out, “Tell me now Sonic!!!”

Sonic shook his head and raised one hand up, his palm suddenly pulsating with blinding light, I lost that chance, and can never regain it again. Goodbye Amy……Goodbye.

Amy was suddenly knocked off of her feet as the misty form of Sonic swept in front of the Werehog, the wind from his last sprint pushing the young girl back to the group behind……

Tears glistened in everyone’s eyes as the form of Sonic wailed in the Werehog’s face, who was trying to grasp at the image of Sonic’s throat,

Begone the evil that has awakened! The evil must die with the good!


Then, the form of Sonic took his right wrist in his left hand……

And then……

Then he plunged the shining form on his hand into his wavering chest…deep into his heart.

Everyone was stunned as both Sonic and the Werehog howled with pain, their cries mixing into one cry that could have torn your heart apart…

Light flowed from both form’s eyes and jaws, each form suspended in midair as lights suddenly burst around them, their agonized wails growing and filling out more and more.

Black, blue, and the more dominant white light shone around both forms.

Then, in one sudden flash of blinding white light, Sonic’s wispy form was gone in a long hiss, and the Werehog fell to his knees….his body fading in a spew of black light.

Amy, Tails, Mist, Shadow, Anita, Silver, Rainbow, Abby, Knuckles, Cream, Cheese, Rockfire, Spark, Rainjha, Alex, Scythe, Daggeron………

They were all alone in that dim hallway, with the sudden light of the sun coming in that was just peaking over the horizon.

All traces of what was once Sonic the fastest Hedgehog, was gone.

The horrors were repeating themselves once again. Again they couldn’t wish it didn’t happen…….as it already did….on Christmas day……

Was he really?..........No one wanted to even contemplate it. No one.

They all……soon they all had to accept the fact that he was gone forever…..even the ones who didn’t know him well at all mourned for him…..

Spark was struck down by everyone,…..many thinking it was his fault that Sonic was…….was dead.

Alex, Mist, and Rainjha did their best in trying to protect their friend…with Alex knocking many a guy out.

Everyone found the room in their heart to cry for him. Knuckles kept his soiled pillowcase….not caring at all about its dirtiness anymore…….only the feeling still inside…..

Abby sought consolence with Knuckles, and they both cried together… did Rainbow, Daggeron…and Scythe….

Tails spoke to no one. He stayed far away……even Cream couldn’t get to him……he cried so hard for the memory of his friend to somehow return……Silver was floored when he awoke to find his speedy friend gone…..Anita did her best to help him, but her own tears stained his shoulder…..

Anita cried on Shadow’s shoulder, and Shadow didn’t attempt to pull away. Shadow slowly closed his eyes as crystal like tears showed themselves rarely under his eyes…….

Sonic………everyone believed that he really was dead….

And now they discovered that somehow, Eggman was still alive somewhere, and he heard about Sonic….now he was elated that his adversary was destroyed. Now his nemesis was dead, and he had nothing to stop his rampage…..

…….they all cried. They cried merciful tears for Sonic…..

And Amy……

Amy knew that Sonic did care. He did…..

And she believed in her heart that it was her fault that he was gone…..

Her tears stained that small note she held close to her heart as she silently cried herself to sleep…..reading that note over and over….that note stained with the last remnants of Sonic’s blood…….

I love you Sonic.</b>

The next day……

Anita walked slowly down the halls with Silver and Tails, her hands clutched around the edges of her arms as none of the three spoke.

Suddenly, a voice ripped at Anita’s ears,

“Ay Ay! Looky what we’ve got here huh!? A close friend of Sonic’s perhaps!?”

Anita brought up her fiery gaze to a boy standing there as Tails snarled, “What do you want!?”

It was a bat standing there, a class bully who had no remorse what so ever. His leathery skin was pure black, and his wings that stuck out at his sides were a pale grey. He shook his hands in defense and spoke in a mocking voice, “Oh nothing….Just a little sad talk on my part….Poor Sonic was a good boy…”

Anita hissed, “When did YOU ever care about Sonic, Greg!?”

Greg the bat flicked his ears in amusement as he rolled a small toothpick that he held between his teeth over his tongue, “Never really. Personally, I’m glad that brat is gone! Stealing the limelight from the ones who really deserve it.”

Tails snarled at Greg, his two tails lashing, “Oh yeah!? I bet you wouldn’t DARE say that to Sonic!” “Yea! But Sonic ain’t here is he!? Get lost shorty!!” Greg grabbed the front of Tails’ forehead and knocked him over, smiling as the small fox hit the ground.

Silver’s eyes glowed with anger as he growled, “Hey! You can’t do that to him!!!”

Greg smiled wickedly, “Oh yea! Who’s gonna stop me uh!? Sonic ain’t here! He’s asleepin’ wit’ da’ fishes!!!” Tears glistened in Anita’s eyes as she spit at the bat, “You better shut up right now!!!

Greg smiled, “Oh ho! I like em’ feisty!!!!”

Silver snarled, “Now you leave her alone you big bully!”

Greg rolled his eyes, “Again I ask, who’s gonna stop me shrimpy!? No one that’s who! And you ain’t gonna stop me!!!!”

Greg suddenly turned as a snarl met his large ears,

“No. But I will.”

Greg smiled darkly as he waved his hands sideways as a dark hedgehog appeared around the corner,

“Shadow! Buddy boy! Maybe you can come help me teach these likkle brats a lesson they won’t soon forget!!!!!”

Shadow’s eyes glinted as he suddenly showed his fangs, much to the shock of everyone there, “Shut up. I am not your buddy, and I suggest you leave her alone.”

“Oh yeah!? You like her boyfriend of sometin’!?”

Shadow pressed his thumb and forefinger around the edges of his gold wrist bands, a large snap sounding, and then a burst of light coming forth. The ring on his wrist clattered to the floor as he hissed, “Sonic may not be alive, but I am still here.”

The other ring hit the floor as Greg scoffed, “Huh! Sonic was a bit knowitall! I’m glad he’s dead! Good riddance!!!”

Anita, Silver, and Tails gasped suddenly as Shadow slammed his balled fist into Greg’s jaw, dropping him like a stone. Shadow then pressed his boot hard on the bat’s shoulder as he gently nursed his bleeding mouth, “Don’t you DARE insult Sonic’s memory like that. Leave them alone NOW or you will wish you were against Sonic instead of Shadow the Hedgehog!!!!”

After that scene, everyone who didn’t like Sonic kept their distance from the ones who fought so desperately to keep his memory alive.

Was…..was he really gone!??

Amy Rose sat at a small bench on a terrace that was at the end of the hallway that held their dorm rooms. Her hands were gently folded in her lap as she looked up at the moon, the moon’s light bouncing off of her glistening tears.

She had believed for so long that now Mist was the one right for her…..but how wrong she was.

She remembered all of the boys trying not to look at Sonic’s empty bunk as they tried to sleep, keeping their tears from staining their bed sheets……Sonic’s possessions collected dust as they sat in a corner….

All being left of the hedgehog were a pair of old running shoes that he had kept all of his life…..planning on wearing them that next morning. It felt so strange not hearing him crack his normal jokes…..his laughter ringing through the halls…..or his sarcastic remarks floating through your ears….

Mist was so sorry for the way he had treated Sonic…..and now there was no way to say he was sorry. It felt exactly the same for Amy.

She now sat alone in the dead of night at the bench, her shoulders shaking as she sobbed, clutching that small, dead rose that she was going to give to Sonic. The petals slowly fell of as she gripped it in her gloved hand, gritting her teeth as the midnight wind played with her hair, causing it to blow about wildly.

Oh Sonic….I-I’m so sorry…….

Every time Amy closed her eyes she saw Sonic’s face,….that last warm look that she gave him…..and she felt that breeze from that last quick run that he made……oh how much he loved to run….

To be free.

Oh….she really made a mess of things.

It felt not to long ago that Sonic was in the hospital, crying out in pain as he struggled to try and find relief from it all…..

Now…..he was gone. Amy couldn’t change that….and it all was hitting her like the deft blow from a knife……it might have been just as well if the Werehog did succeed in taking her life that night……

The wind silently whistled through the trees as it blew at her hair in a sudden blast, causing her to have to grab at her headband before it fell off.

The wind whistled an eerie song for Amy……causing her heart to burst with longing……if only she could go back in time and stop herself…..from yelling at him……

Oddly, the wind continued whistling, and even though Amy could have been just imagining it, it didn’t feel like it was blowing hard enough now to continue whistling.

Whistling………a……a song?

A song that…t-that she had heard before!? How could that be possible!!?

The whistling continued as Amy sat frozen in a mix of fear and confusion, not knowing what to do with herself at the moment.

Then, it seemed as if Amy’s very heart burst as her eyes opened wide…..and she heard singing………

In this world…….

Where life… strong…..~

In this world…….

Life’s an open book…..~

In this world…..

Where compromise….does not exist….~

In this world…..

Where world’s every step…..meets the rest…..

In……..this world…..

Where one….is all….~

In this world…….

Never fear the fall…..~

In this world…..

Where compromise……does not exist……~

In this world…..

Where world’s every step……meets the rest…..


I am the fire…flame……conflicting pain…..  

…..untouched……and crushed……….

…….will remain.

The one…..the two….the three the four…..headed straight for an unopened door…..

I can see…..I can feel……without one touch…..It seems unreal….

b-but….it’s true.

…..The…….the power lives…..

…..inside of you.

The singing person’s voice cracked at the end with emotion…..Amy felt a hand touch her shoulder….

And then tears that were not her own fall silently on her own hand.

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This is probably the SHORTEST chapter yet, but I promise I'll make the rest longer.

Ideas were bursting in my head, and I HAD TO GO AHEAD AND WRITE THEM DOWN. Dx

You understand, right?

Anyways, this chap, came up fast, but the next ones will probably come slower cause I NEED to draw some more, and FAST.

I don't know what to say about this chapter,....only that it's very sad and heart touching to me. T-T

The song that....the ';person' sung is called 'His World'. I got some of the lyrics here- [link]

Anyways, I hope you all like it^^

(Man my fingers hurt dx)

Sonic and all other related chars belong to SEGA
Story, plotline, and writing(c)Me
Mist - Me
Rockfire - Me
Spark - Me
Daggeron - Gazer
Rainbow - Ultra
Scythe - Carma
Rainjha and Alex - Tinga
Anita - Horsez
Abby - Abby xD
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Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
It's gets better. Don't worry -pats-
HedgieGal Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008
S-Sonic... died?!

But... -sniffle-

Nonetheless, it's a good story...

Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thankya xD
AbsoluteDream Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Student Filmographer
AHHH! Cliff Hanger!!!
That was so awsome! The emotion put into this is amazing!
LOVE IT! This chapter made me feel so sad for Sonic T-T, and it takes talent to have the reader feel that way^^
I MUST know what will happen next!
Can't wait for the next chapter!!
Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much^^

I kinda rushed this a bit, but I still like it xD
AbsoluteDream Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Student Filmographer
Wow, you were rushing?!
You did an amazing job in a short amount of time, Chi^^
Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist

Actually, I was kinda rushing to get it done tonight so ya'll could read it, and yet it did take me a good bit to finish ^^

The reason it's so sad is because I've felt kinda sad today for certian reasons...T-T
AbsoluteDream Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Student Filmographer
Aww, I'm really sorry to hear that, Chi T-T
Did you have one of those bad days?
Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist's a bit better now though^^ Thanks. -hugs-
AbsoluteDream Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008  Student Filmographer
I'm really glad to hear that^^ -hugs back-
Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 28, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
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That was......AMAZING!!!!!!!!!!!!! :faint: SOOOOO well written! :wow: You really raised the bar this time! :D I love how when I read this, I start to feel the emotions of the characters and I really get into it!


I can't wait for the next chapter! :excited:
Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Thanks so much siseh! xD
iluvhorsez-25 Featured By Owner Dec 29, 2008
Your very welcome! :hug:
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Gasp... Sonic is alive still huh???
Chico-2013 Featured By Owner Dec 27, 2008  Hobbyist Digital Artist
Yep^^ That is him singing to Amy!

Wh00t! Our faveorite hedgehog lives!
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